• Mechanical Design
  • Robotics
  • Electrical design (PCBs & Control panels)
  • PLC controls (Velocio PLC systems)
  • Machining (CNC milling & Turning)
  • Welding (Tig & Stick)
  • Electrical panel design
  • proof of concept & Prototyping
  • Process analysis
  • PCB analysis
  • Control systems analysis
  • Industrial automation systems analysis
  • Industrial automation & controls
  • Custom PCB design
  • Deep-Sea robotics
  • Fixing problems!
Colter's Story
​Colter has spent over 20 years working in several technical industries. His first 10 years were spent as an automotive diagnostics technician for Toyota and Lexus. Although he enjoyed this, he found himself not challenged enough. After some careful thought and consideration, he decided to take a job offer from Schilling Robotics as an integration technician where he was responsible for testing and fixing remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs). Colter has always had a keen interest in technology, robotics, and engineering. While at Schilling Robotics, he has fulfilled many roles such as Integration Technician, Field Service Manager, and Technical Support Engineer. In these roles, he has been responsible for solving many unusual technical problems for Schilling, BP, and Spectrum Sales & Service. This includes: EMI related issues, mechanical systems related issues, high- voltage controls related issues, PCB design related issues, and machining process related issues. He is known throughout the industry for coming up with practical solutions to difficult issues. Blackstone Solutions & Technologies, LLC was founded by Colter Crossley in 2013. Colter regularly leverages his 20+ years of technical experience to solve difficult issues by thinking outside the box, spending the time to thoroughly understand the problem, and researching all possible solutions. Colter is a team player, confident in what he knows (but not arrogant), and ultimately has one agenda in mind, which is to work together as a team and solve real problems for real people!